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Fazlur Rahman

As the Co-Founder of F7 Healthcare Pvt Ltd, I have been instrumental in driving the company’s mission to provide essential medical supplies, showcasing my entrepreneurial spirit and dedication to improving healthcare services. My leadership skills, coupled with my ability to develop and manage business operations, make me a valuable asset in any organizational setting. The recognition I have received through awards such as Best Healthcare Startup of the Year 2022 and Best Healthcare Equipment Company at the Telangana Business Awards 2023 underscores my commitment to excellence and innovation.

I continue to inspire and lead with a vision for excellence and a commitment to making a positive impact in the business world. My journey is driven by a passion for improving healthcare services and a dedication to fostering growth and efficiency in every organization I am a part of.

I am a dynamic entrepreneur and business leader with a robust educational background and extensive experience in business development, operations management, and leadership. With an MBA in Human Resources Development from Osmania University and a B.Com. in Accountancy, Economics, and Strategic Management from Vivekananda School Of PG Studies, I have consistently demonstrated academic excellence and a commitment to professional growth.

Throughout my career, I have held pivotal roles in various organizations, particularly in the healthcare sector. As Operations Manager at Portea and Assistant Manager Operations at Apollo Sugainics, I have significantly contributed to the business operations in home healthcare services. My roles at Apollo Sugar Clinic Pvt Ltd. and Vasan Healthcare Private Ltd further highlight my expertise in operations management and HR coordination.

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